Fire Extinguisher Safety – VR Training

Fire Extinguisher Safety – VR Training 

Sentient’s Fire Extinguisher Safety VR Training is available for the HTC Vive Focus 3!  

The module is an off the shelf product, allowing learners to familiarise themselves with fire safety equipment, and then perform up to 6 different fire-based emergency response scenarios. The scenarios cover various locations and types of fire and limit the user to different extinguisher methods in each scenario to ensure the full range is covered during the training.  

The different locations and scenarios can be customised for additional costbut the base range of scenarios includes an office, site workshop, kitchen, enclosed underground mining area and processing plant. 

With VR training immersing the user fully into a 360-degree virtual environment, this training allows your people to practice responding to emergency in a realistic, yet safe environment.  

Quick Features: 

  • Full immersive virtual reality training 
  • Off the shelf product 
  • Equipment familiarisation and scenario-based emergency response activities 
  • Approximately 20-minute duration