Our Team

A closer look at some of our passionate and experienced team

3D Artists

Loves: Animals, Music & Games

Dislikes: The GOT Ending & 4-Chord Bands

Joe Simich

Loves: Cars, Travel & Gaming (Xbox)

Dislikes: Uncleanliness, Dishonesty & Seafood

Brad Brixton

Loves: Games, 3D Printing & Crafts

Dislikes: Sports, Loud Cars (Brad!!) & Internet Trolls

Matt Finch

Loves: Dogs, Tiramisu & Music

Dislikes: Liquorice

Steve Langton

Loves: Plushies, Milk Chocolates & GOATS

Dislikes: International Mail System, Headaches From Going Outdoors & Cigarette Smoke

Jihan Nabila

Loves: Beach, Cars & Tech

Dislikes: Silent Letters – I’m looking at you ‘Subtle’

Clinton Ellard

Project Manager


Loves: Pub Lunches, Grand Designs & Carl Sagan

Dislikes: Triple J, Loud Cars & Fruit

Larry Valentini

Loves: Meta, Yaki-Udon & Sleep

Dislikes: Ego, Frustration & Lethargy

Samuel Warnock

Loves: Games, Travel & Learning

Dislikes: Driving, AM Radio & Jigsaw Puzzles

Kim Smith

Loves: Boardgames, Video Games & Capybaras

Dislikes: Losing ELO in Chess Puzzles

Azza Cierlitza

Loves: Japan, Logic Problems & Chess

Dislikes: Crowds, Cheaters & Social Media

Chris Hellsten

Loves: Video Games, Dogs & Cricket

Dislikes: Wastefulness, Noisy Neighbours & Early Lunchers

Aden Bocking

MacroView Engineer

Loves: Golf, World of Warcraft & Cats

Dislikes: Everything Else

Gian Collica

Loves: Rugby, Road Trips & Allen’s Chocolate Freckles

Dislikes: Programming, Rugby League & Meals That Don’t Come With Chips

Charlotte Burns

Loves: Mechatronics, 3D Graphics & Performance

Dislikes: Capissen 38 Engines, Reavers & The Alliance

Evan Price

Loves: Games, 3D Printing & Tinkering

Dislikes: Snakes, Crowds & Being Stared At

Ana Miguel

Loves: Design and Architecture, Art, Nature & Music

Dislikes: Wire Coat Hangers

Thomas Rowe

Project Manager

Loves: Food, Hip Hop, Beach & Family

Dislikes: Snakes & Soggy Chicken Wings

Linh Tran

Project Manager

Loves: Food, Running & Art

Dislikes: Abuse of Power, Being Kept Awake & Spiders

Scott Bester

eLearning Developer

Loves: Family, Pop Culture & Fascinating People

Dislikes: Spiders, Bureaucracy & Queuing

Amanda Tuite

Instructional Designer

Loves: Family, Running & Gardening

Dislikes: Seafood, Cockroaches & Crowds

Sarah Kent

Instructional Designer

Loves: Chaos, Cats & Cycling

Dislikes: Bureaucracy, Lettuce & Strong Headwinds

Doug Bester

Guardian, Managing Director

Loves: Travel, Sport & Cat

Dislikes: Insects, Inefficiency & Coriander


Guardian, MAVI Product Owner, Minister of Fun

Loves: Yoga, Beach, Food & Travel

Dislikes: Mess, Road Ragers & Plastic Water Bottles

Mandy Chapman

Guardian, Marketing Lead, Chief Cat Herder

Loves: Steak, Sports & Beer

Dislikes: Vegetables, Traffic & Being Called ‘I.T.’

Chris Schleising

Guardian, SaS Team Lead

Avatars courtesy of ‘Avatars for Microsoft Teams’.

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