Learning Design

What is learning design

Learning design is the process of creating educational or training materials and experiences in a systematic and efficient manner. It involves analysing the needs of learners, defining learning objectives, designing, and developing instructional materials and activities, and evaluating their effectiveness.

Our learning design process


What does the learner need to be able to do?



Use the most effective technology to deliver the learning


How does the learner demonstrate competency?

What makes our training solutions different?

Sentient’s Training XR service places learners at the centre of all our training solutions, from eLearning modules to immersive VR and AR environments.

Our goal is to create learning experiences that enable learners to acquire new knowledge and skills while being actively involved in the process.

​With the help of your SMEs (Subject Matter Experts), our in-house instructional designers apply principles of adult learning to all our products to ensure learner needs are met, materials are engaging, and training environments match the real world. 

Learners can take knowledge gained and apply it with confidence to improve their workplace performance. 

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