Sentient can help you train your personnel more effectively with “learning by doing” in an immersive, engaging and
interactive 3D virtual environment.

There are various mediums available such as:

3D animations and fly throughs (videos)

Interactive eLearning modules enhanced with 3D animations and gamification (SCORM compliant Storyline packages)

Virtual and Augmented Reality applications (Various VR Headsets and phone applications)

We are able to utilise existing engineering models from our customers, create environments and equipment from references images and drawings, or choose models from the extensive 3D asset library we have built up over the years.

Click on the links below to view examples of our work.

Use 3D animations to show how equipment works for greater understanding during maintenance and operations.
Interactive eLearning modules use 3D animations, simple interactivity and gamification to increase user engagement.
An off the shelf VR Working at Heights training product with interchangeable environments to suit your industry.
Simple Isolations VR training gives users the freedom to learn at their own pace in an immersive 360-degree environment.
Explain complex processes using 3D visualisations built from engineering drawings.
Hazard Awareness VR training offers a multiplayer environment to promote discussion and collaboration between users when identifying hazards. eLearning options are also possible to allow for a blended learning approach.
Allow your staff to “learn by doing” for hazardous processes such as high voltage switching.
An off the shelf VR Fire Extinguisher Safety training product training users on equipment and correct procedures through several emergency fire response scenarios.

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