Augmented Reality

Sentient are using headsets and mobile devices to develop engaging and interactive augmented reality (AR) experiences for a variety of applications across industry sectors.

Utilise the infinite canvas of AR to blend digital information and holographic animations with real world objects, enhancing current workflows and guiding the user through complex tasks.

Review, plan and interact with 3D content in real-time by connecting multiple users from any location on different devices through the power of augmented reality.

We can produce AR experiences for many different devices including the HoloLens 2, NReal, Android and iOS devices. We can also utilise Virtual Reality and PC for shared experiences.

View some of our current augmented reality experiences below, or hear from one of our developers about Augmented Reality ‘Inside the Engine Room’ in this video.

  • Directly interact with model elements using both hands.
  • Interactive panel instructions and elements highlighted in the scene as the steps progress.
  • Toggle an exploded view of equipment components.
  • Remove individual elements, review and return them to the original position by snapping them into place.
  • Place structures, vehicles and equipment in the scene at the same time.
  • Position and rotate objects as required.
  • Simulate construction/mining activities.
  • Connect multiple users – all participants can view and interact using HoloLens 2, Android or iOS devices.
  • Place vehicles and equipment on site at their actual size.
  • Manipulate virtual objects and walk around them to inspect possible collisions with adjacent structures.
  • Connect multiple users to assess potential problems and find solutions in real time.
  • Use QR Codes or spatial anchors to view content ‘anchored’ at equipment or locations, such as:
  • Manufacturer/operation specifications;
  • Holographic animations explaining assembly workflows;
  • Real time sensor data.
  • Sentient Augmented Reality experiences are cross-platform – any apps developed for the HoloLens 2 can also be deployed to Android and/or iOS mobile devices.
  • Multi-user experiences can be shared between HoloLens headsets and mobile devices so all participants can view and interact with the same content.
Model Viewer Test
Web AR makes augmented reality accessible to everyone by launching immersive experiences directly in a mobile web browser - meaning there is no requirement to download an app.

Try it below!


What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is an image of a real-world view developed by a computer.

What is Augmented Reality used for?

AR has many different uses. The majority of our clients use it to plan operations on mine sites and for other infrastructure.

How much does AR Cost?

The cost is dependent on the size of the project, and what you would like to convert into AR. Contact our team to discuss options today.

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