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Digital Twins Unlock Business Value for WA Mining Industry – As Featured in Amplify’

The mining industry in Western Australia is a key contributor to the nation’s economy, with billions of dollars generated each year. The industry has been at the forefront of adopting new technologies to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve safety, […]

An Incrementalist Approach to Deploying Digital Twins to Industry

Creating and marketing Digital Twins to the industry is a challenging task, not least because Digital Twin tends to mean different things to different people. In this article, we will discuss the challenges of marketing and creating Digital twins for […]


On March 16th, 2023, our team was invited to attend the Rio Tinto Supplier Recognition Gala at Crown Towers. We were thrilled to be announced as the winner for the Innovation Award which recognises the use of an innovative solution […]

Revolutionise Your Training with Augmented Reality

Gone are the days that learning is limited to textbooks and lectures. Whether you are reviewing 3D models, familiarising your team with complex machinery, or learning a new skill, Augmented Reality (AR) provides a hands-on approach that enhances understanding and […]

Sentient Proud to Offer Award-Winning AR Tools

Sentient Computing are proud to be recognised, in partnership with Western Power, as leaders in the Augmented Reality Training sector with our latest project ‘Keep Sparky Safe’ by receiving the Gold Award for (AR) Industry Specific Training at the LearnX […]

Sentient Kick Start Their Latest Product – MaVi

Sentient is pleased to have launched our latest product in MaVi, our interactive communication tools which have been rolled out across the month of October through a range of events and launches.  What is MaVi? MaVi which has been developed […]

How Virtual Reality Training Can Benefit Your Business

Virtual Reality (VR), once considered a gaming gimmick, is now being used by some of Australia’s biggest companies to help train and upskill their employees to become safe and efficient workers through an engaging learning experience.    Improved learning experience  VR […]

Sentient Joins International Digital Twin Consortium

Australian software developer Sentient Computing has joined the Digital Twin Consortium, welcoming the opportunity to collaborate with other industry groups in this developing field. Sentient develops digital twin visualisations that can sync to large scale real-world industrial and commercial facilities, […]

Core Hot 30 Awards Winner

CORE is Australia’s first innovation hub focused on resources sector by building an ecosystem of suppliers, researchers, entrepreneurs and industry to connect and collaborate on innovative solutions across mining, resources, energy, defence and space sectors   On Thursday 3rd March, 2022, […]