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“Tech Pioneers” Sentient Featured in The West

Leading virtual reality, augmented reality and training developer Sentient Computing was recently featured in an article by The West Australian covering the recent developments of technology in the mining training space. When asked about the recent developments in virtual training […]

A New Chapter Unfolds

Sentient Computing Merges with Meyer Productions We are delighted to share a momentous development in our journey – the strategic merger of video creators Meyer Productions. This strategic move represents a significant milestone in our commitment to excellence, growth, and elevating the […]

Democratization of Data. The Next Step for Digital Twins in 2024.

The democratization of data and insights is a key trend that will shape the future of technology for the energy industry in 2024. This trend refers to the ability to use artificial intelligence (AI) and digital twins to access, analyse […]

Digital Twins Unlock Business Value for WA Mining Industry – As Featured in Amplify’

The mining industry in Western Australia is a key contributor to the nation’s economy, with billions of dollars generated each year. The industry has been at the forefront of adopting new technologies to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve safety, […]

An Incrementalist Approach to Deploying Digital Twins to Industry

Creating and marketing Digital Twins to the industry is a challenging task, not least because Digital Twin tends to mean different things to different people. In this article, we will discuss the challenges of marketing and creating Digital twins for […]


On March 16th, 2023, our team was invited to attend the Rio Tinto Supplier Recognition Gala at Crown Towers. We were thrilled to be announced as the winner for the Innovation Award which recognises the use of an innovative solution […]

Revolutionise Your Training with Augmented Reality

Gone are the days that learning is limited to textbooks and lectures. Whether you are reviewing 3D models, familiarising your team with complex machinery, or learning a new skill, Augmented Reality (AR) provides a hands-on approach that enhances understanding and […]

Sentient Proud to Offer Award-Winning AR Tools

Sentient Computing are proud to be recognised, in partnership with Western Power, as leaders in the Augmented Reality Training sector with our latest project ‘Keep Sparky Safe’ by receiving the Gold Award for (AR) Industry Specific Training at the LearnX […]

Sentient Kick Start Their Latest Product – MaVi

Sentient is pleased to have launched our latest product in MaVi, our interactive communication tools which have been rolled out across the month of October through a range of events and launches.  What is MaVi? MaVi which has been developed […]

How Virtual Reality Training Can Benefit Your Business

Virtual Reality (VR), once considered a gaming gimmick, is now being used by some of Australia’s biggest companies to help train and upskill their employees to become safe and efficient workers through an engaging learning experience.    Improved learning experience  VR […]

Sentient Joins International Digital Twin Consortium

Australian software developer Sentient Computing has joined the Digital Twin Consortium, welcoming the opportunity to collaborate with other industry groups in this developing field. Sentient develops digital twin visualisations that can sync to large scale real-world industrial and commercial facilities, […]

Core Hot 30 Awards Winner

CORE is Australia’s first innovation hub focused on resources sector by building an ecosystem of suppliers, researchers, entrepreneurs and industry to connect and collaborate on innovative solutions across mining, resources, energy, defence and space sectors   On Thursday 3rd March, 2022, […]

Awesome Feedback for Our Instructional Designers

  It was just over a year ago that we expanded our team to include Instructional Designers (IDs), meeting a requirement for a large training project. Not only was the project a huge success, but our ID team quickly became […]

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

The team at Sentient Computing are proud to announce our first year operating as a Net Zero emissions business. Sustainable business practise is something our team is passionate about learning and applying wherever possible. After reviewing a range of voluntary […]

Using Gaming for Children’s Education

Click image to go to article We all know that kids love to play games. Tearing them away from screens can be a real battle but sometimes we can leverage that engagement and fun factor into a learning opportunity. When […]

Tech Day Outcomes

Last month the Sentient development team took a day off from their projects to up skill and play with some new tech and tools. These days are really valuable for the team, giving us the space to experiment, sometimes to […]

A Blended Approach to Training

A blended approach to training – the role of Virtual Reality (VR) and other interactive 2D and 3D learning tools At Sentient we are finding that VR is becoming more accepted within the Resources training space and we are speaking […]

Animated Video in Unity

For some time, Sentient has been creating the majority of our video in Unity as we started to realize its many advantages for us over more traditional software such as 3DS Max. Real-Time Rendering Did you know movie studio Pixar […]

Sentient Gets an East Coast Presence

Hello Brisbane! After two years of enjoying the sights and hospitality of Western Australia our Business Development Specialist, Scott Dumaresq, has made the move back to the Sunshine State. With Queensland’s vast resource industry, the synergies of Sentient’s resources based […]

FOUR Things to Think About Before you Dive into Virtual Reality

Since the purchase of our first Virtual Reality Developers Kit in 2012, Sentient has been creating, designing and delivering different types of Virtual Reality modules for various communications, training and design review needs for clients.  Over this time the team […]

All Work All Play at Sentient

Using gamification technology isn’t just for the gamers and the resources space is taking notice.  Sentient has been very fortunate to work with some innovative players in using this technology for  training, collaboration and project planning – with each presenting […]

CSBP and Sentient celebrate a partnership of 25 years

The year was 1992. Paul Keating was prime minister of Australia. Star Wars was a trilogy, we were using Windows 3.1, Motorola had just released the first hand held mobile phone and CSBP began using a control system software called […]

Sentient has Moved

We are excited to announce that Sentient has moved to new premises in the Perth CBD. Level 1 / 30 The Esplanade. Perth WA 6000 Please update your records as of 23rd October 2017. Our new office phone number will take […]

The New Reality

When Doug Bester noticed the video games his kids were playing were way ahead of mining software, he did something about it. See more on page 15. bp_september2017_The_New_Reality

Editorial – The Australian Mining Review

Read our editorial in “The Australian Mining Review” on how VR can be incorporated towards the digital plant strategy. Australian Mining Review_Edititorial

Road to VR

We are very excited to see the technology we are using for applying serious games for virtual reality has been noticed by the international community. Read story here: This VR Training Simulation is One of the Best We’ve Ever Seen […]

ABC TechStartUps 2016

We were excited to be featured on ABC News on Sunday 12 June. If you missed it you can see the story below.


Starting a new project may be daunting, especially when it involves implementing new technology. But there is an innovator friendly way: small goals with small(er) budgets from the outset. The resource sector’s road to improvement has been littered with large-scale […]

Is Virtual Reality Expensive

At Sentient we often get asked about the cost of virtual reality with many assuming that it’s expensive. But it’s not the hardware or software that makes it pricey, it’s lack of direction. Virtual reality first made its appearance in […]

Virtual reality; a checklist for the practical industrial use of VR technology

There is a lot of excitement around virtual reality at the moment, but it’s important to consider how it can be used practically, and whether it’s right for your business. To help your decision around investing in VR, we’ve created […]