VR Training

We offer a range of different VR training solutions, to help you train, teach and explain processes in your relevant field. Our team is made up of instructional designers, meaning we can create an eLearning offering specific to your needs and industry requirements. Our VR training solutions include working at heights, fire extinguisher safety, hazard recognition and more.

Working at Heights - VR Training

Off the shelf, fully interactive Working at Heights Virtual Reality Training.
Customisation available

Fire Extinguisher Safety - VR Training

Off the shelf, fully interactive Fire Extinguisher Safety Training.
Customisation available

Hazard Recognition- VR Training

Off the shelf, fully interactive Hazard Awareness and Recognition Training.
Customisation available


How does our VR Training differ from others?

Here at Sentient Computing, we have a team of instructional designers. We have the ability to create eLearning material.

We have a team of 3D artists and Programmers but an USP of us having instructional designers in our training team as opposed to other VR providers are;

  •  Our Instructional Designers are uniquely positioned to develop effective, learner-focused content.
  • Unlike other training content providers, our team supplements their practical private sector experience with extensive experience in the higher education sector, where they were leaders in their fields of learning and curriculum design.

How much does a VR Training tool cost?

The cost of our Virtual Reality tools differs depending on the tool, and the project it is being developed for. Please contact our friendly team for more info.

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