InDI – Industrial Digital Interface


Sentient’s Industrial Digital Interface, or InDI, helps your people make better decisions by combining your data sources into a single interactive virtual environment.  

Data is always on the to do list, but let’s face it there’s always something more important to do. With our team’s ability to leverage cutting-edge gaming technology, we take the grunt work out of understanding and integrating your data, because you’re the boss and your data should be working for you. And we keep that data working for you, by integrating it back into your existing systems and operating processes such as production, planning and training. 

We regularly solve problems for mining operations, processing plants, oil and gas platforms, refineries and other industrial operations. 

Only Sentient applies cutting edge game technology to gain insights and solve industrial scale problems. This drives a unique approach to integrating and visualising data that will look familiar to gamers, empower employees and be inspirational to project managers. 

But don’t let that distract you. Our objective is to understand what you want, what you have and how we can make it happen. We start small and help you grow your data projects, so that you know the data you have and the data you need to outperform in your space. 


This project allows users to navigate to specific equipment and systems, to view their current status loaded dynamically from a local data set.