MaVi – Interactive Communication Tools

MaVi (Interactive Communication Tools) 

Our MaVi tools are helping to drive better informed decision-making for Traditional Owners during Heritage, Studies and Environmental consultations in mining. By consolidating satellite imagery, drone footage, GIS files, 3D models and animations onto interactive 3D maps, all stakeholders have been able to interact with the data in a really hands-on way. 

The tools present an area of country that is going to be impacted by mining activities and offers Traditional Owners a holistic view of the country and how the designs will interact with important cultural sites. The tools allow users to show and hide different elements at different times to orient everyone on the topic at hand and present specific data sets that are relevant to the current discussion point. 

The tools have received highly positive feedback over the past year; building better conversations and supporting Traditional Owners to identify potential issues with planned mining development that may have been missed without the consolidated data and visual imagery. 

With the ever-increasing need for organisations to develop legitimacy, credibility and trust with their stakeholders, both corporate and social, we hope our tools can facilitate better conversations across the board and inspire a new way of communicating.