Process Flow Visualiser

Process Flow Visualiser

The Process Flow Visualiser allows you to take complex 3D engineering models and use them to present processes and systems to staff in a virtual representation of the real-life environment for better understanding.  

The system allows you to show and hide different layers including structural components to isolate systems. The processes are highlighted in various colours for easier distinction between interwoven systems and navigation can be set to free exploration or guided fly throughs to allow the user to learn at their own pace.  

These simple products are tailored to your models and processes and can help instructors and work leaders to communicate with their teams better. The 3D environment, once brought into the product, can then be used in future training projects such as virtual reality or eLearning packages with 3D animations, to reduce costs and provide consistency across training packages.  

Prices for the Process Flow Visualiser vary depending on the complexity of the 3D engineering models provided. Sentient is happy to provide a quick cost estimate upon enquiry.  

Potential Industry Uses: 

  • Mining: show different ore streams, ie cyclones overflow and underflow 
  • Oil and gas: show different chemical flows 
  • Health and safety: show critical safety equipment and emergency paths 
  • Building and construction: show where electrical cables are, where nails could be put etc 
Quick Features: 

  • Utilises your existing 3D engineering models 
  • Hide and show structural components to view highlighted processes clearly 
  • Free exploration mode or guided flythrough options 
  • Labels of equipment and areas further add to the user’s understanding