Underground VR Training

Underground VR Training

Sentient’s Underground VR Training is one of the most popular and beneficial VR training packages to date. How do you train your staff to look up, down, in, under and around on a flat screen or piece of paper?   

VR training allows learners to enter a full 360-degree immersive environment that “physically” requires the user to search for potential hazards in various different work environments. The module may be purchased as is, covering areas such as offices, workshops, underground sites and oil rigs, however, environments and hazards are also able to be tailored to the customer’s needs for an additional cost. 

This module gives the user a chance to recognise and analyse both common and irregular hazardous events in a safe and controlled environment.  

VR training is the perfect medium to give learners a chance to put into practise what they may have learnt in a classroom or through accompanying online eLearning modules.

Prices start from $5,000 AUD

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