Stockyard 3D Visualisation System

The Stockyard 3D Visualisation System provides an interactive 3D view of your stockyard and port loading facility, showing the status of its assets and operations in real time, with a minimum historical record of the last 6 months.

The system gathers real time data from external data sources including the process control system and other stockyard management systems.

These systems are combined to display the following information in a single, visually rich and easy to navigate 3D virtual environment:

  • Stockpile Management Systems – showing the current shape of stockpiles in the stockyard;
  • Material Tracking Systems – showing the presence of material on the conveyors;
  • Anti-Collision Systems – showing the current locations and positions of assets, exclusion zones in effect, and lines of closest distance between the machines;
  • Task Management Systems – showing any current and pending tasks; and
  • The Australian Bureau of Meteorology – showing the local weather forecast

The historically-stored data can be played back at a selectable time and playback speed, allowing users to undertake root cause analysis during periods of poor or good performance.

The Stockyard 3D Visualisation System can be accessed by users remotely, showing them the exact status of your site and operations from anywhere in the world.