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    Sentient was approached by Wesfarmers-owned CSBP in Western Australia to improve productivity by reducing training time during inductions.



    • Teach complex procedures to new and existing staff as well as contractors at a plant dealing with hazardous chemicals.



    • An accurate and immersive 3D representation of CSBP’s actual site was created.
    • Induction procedures were taught using three fundamental stages: Show, Interact and Assess. Trainees were first shown the correct procedure, were then allowed to interact with the virtual scene to practise the procedure, and were finally assessed on what they had learnt.
    • Upon completion of the induction, supervisors were provided with a system-generated record of the inductee’s results.



    • CSBP was able to reduce its training time from three days down to one.
    • The plant’s lead operator experienced great appreciation for the time savings, resulting from users knowing where to locate equipment and how to navigate the site upon first arriving.
    • This particular module has been leveraged into other areas of the business, for example, the virtual environment is used to identify hazards and potential issues when performing JSAs.

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