AGL Loy Yang Dredger Simulator


About the Project

Sentient Computing was approached by AGL Loy Yang to develop a multiplayer equipment simulator to train their operators.



  • Train operators on the use of coal mine equipment in a safe and efficient way, without disrupting operations.
  • Create understanding and foster teamwork between operators of different equipment to improve safety and communications.
  • Create a simulation that accurately depicts what the operators are doing.



  • A multiplayer 3D coal mine environment was created where operators could interact virtually with the terrain and equipment around them.
  • Mining equipment was modelled using existing blueprints, with real-world physical articulation and realistic interactions with the terrain.
  • Integration with the site’s physical simulator for hands-on control of the equipment was facilitated.
  • The module was developed to interface with a MacroView server and PLC, and operate on a Local Area Network to allow training and coordination of multiple users simultaneously.
  • The simulation accurately depicted equipment speeds and values.
  • Supervisors were able to manipulate the equipment and environment to simulate different training scenarios.



  • Operators were able to gain a better understanding of safety and efficiency considerations when working with multiple people in the same area.

Project Info

Client :

AGL Loy Yang