Woodside Hazardous Chemicals & Heat Stress

Woodside Hazardous Chemicals & Heat Stress

About the Project

Sentient Computing was approached by Woodside to develop a training module to raise awareness about the dangers and risks of hazardous substances used on sites.



  • Convey awareness of the proper procedures for the appropriate procurement, storage and use of hazardous chemicals in a harsh and remote environment.
  • Integrate the training into an existing learning management system.



  • Users were immersed into a 3D environment via a first-person perspective through which they interacted with virtual objects and characters.
  • The users were exposed to various emergency scenarios regarding hazardous chemicals throughout the module, requiring them to apply the proper responses or else experience the consequences of their mistakes.
  • This module was developed for a online platform so that the training could be accessed remotely.



  • Learner feedback from around 700 staff and contractors indicated that 82% found their understanding to have increased and that 81% reported the module to be effective in achieving learning outcomes.
  • The module was developed as SCORM-compliant to allow integration into Woodside’s learning management system.

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