High Voltage Switching

  • High Voltage Switching
  • High Voltage Switching
  • About the Project

    High Voltage Switching is a virtual reality compatible, interactive 3D training module. The training module guides the trainee through the switching procedure for a 22KV switch, familiarising themselves with the equipment and its safety considerations.

    The application is developed with Oculus Rift virtual reality headset integration, and Razor Hydra motion controls in order to create the most immersive experience possible. By implementing these technologies the trainee learning process is greatly enhanced, enabling better retention of knowledge. By physically doing the actions and moving around the virtual space, the trainee will be better prepared to execute the procedure in real life.

    This module will enables the verification of the trainee’s familiarity with the switching procedures, the layout and specifications of the particular switch, and any associated hazards.

    The learning outcomes include:

    • Identify the equipment and switches
    • Identify the main safety issues concerned with the piece of equipment
    • Outline the correct procedure when operating the equipment
    • Facilitate retention of the switching procedure though recreation of actions of trainee immersion
    • Raise awareness of incorrect and unsafe switchgear procedures

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