Equipment Familiarisation Tool

Equipment Familiarisation Tool

Sentient’s Equipment Familiarisation Tool is an interesting, interactive way of displaying 3D models of equipment on the web. Users can click on hotspots displayed on a model to view complex and important information specific to that area of the model. This interactivity and information specificity helps users learn about unfamiliar or complicated equipment easily. 

The application’s smooth navigation features allow users to spin the model around and zoom in and out, observing the model from all angles. The model can be previewed against multiple different environments to simulate how the equipment might look in different situations, such as in a warehouse, office or even a custom background of your choice.

Potential Industry Uses: 

  • Training staff on the features of important safety equipment
  • Mining: Familiarise staff with different parts of complex equipment, with the ability to embed this tool into existing training packages
  • Sales: Allow users to view and experience your product in 3D
  • Health: Step by step instructions on how to use equipment
Quick Features: 

  • Easily accessible via the web
  • Fun, interactive way to learn about equipment
  • View models in multiple environments