2D / 3D Animations

2D / 3D Animations

Sentient has the ability to create visually engaging presentations, animations of intricate equipment and fly throughs of sites and facilities to help any area of your business. They could be used as part of larger training courses, boost communication and marketing activitiesprovide better preparation for those being inducted onto site and even provide better understanding of operations for remote workers 

Sentient uses the Unity gaming engine to create visually engaging animations that can be rendered and modified quickly and easily. We have a large library of existing assets to draw from, are able to create new assets from reference images, videos and drawings, or use our in-house developed 3D model pipeline to import and optimise your existing 3D engineering models.  

PowerPoint presentations and PDFs are great for sharing information, but for better understanding and a more engaging proposal or advertisement, why not include 3D visualisations of your product, service or site.

Click on the links below to view examples of our work.

A 3D animated flythrough detailing the flow of gas throughout the Onslow region and the Tubridgi Gas Storage Facility. 
A marketing focused 3D animation for Canadian company Envirotrace.
An investor presentation for an rare earth project.
A 3D animation for Anglo American’s new Underground Mining project.

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