Safety Training with Virtual Reality

Safety Training

About the Project

Case Study

Sentient was approached by a major oil and gas client to create a Virtual Reality pilot for Working at Heights


• The client were unsure of the exact subject matter in the training but did want to relate it to their safety rules relating to Working at Heights.
• The client had never built a Virtual Reality Pilot before

Our solution

• Sentient created an 3D animated and interactive package to demonstrate a Working at Heights environment where the user had to identify relevant and specific hazards. Depending on the hazards chosen, rea life consequences occurred which provided the users with immediate and very visual feedback. The learning environment was also enhanced using audio and visual cures and symbols to further enhance the information given post feedback.
• The package was built in a way that the client could use it in a Virtual Reality environment using the HTC Vive or in a 3D environment on a desktop or laptop screen.
• Close collaboration with the client and subject matter experts within the company enabled us to create a high level of attention to detail around the specific environment, workers and equipment and ensure the scenarios created were relevant and specific to the users and the company’s safety rules.

• The client has been able to showcase the Virtual Reality training package to various departments within the company with positive results

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