Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance

About the Project

Sentient partnered with a top tier iron ore miner to develop a 3D planning visualisation tool to assist in planning and communicating critical path tasks, task interactions and hazards during recurring on-site shutdowns.


  • Create a tool to communicate complex shutdown schedule information in an easily understandable format to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Allow end-users the benefit of real-time and historically based maintenance scenario planning.


  • A 3D planning visualisation tool that allows any end-user to animate work tasks from an MS Project schedule or a Primavera file was created.
  • Based on drawings, photographs/video and satellite imagery a realistic 3D virtual environment of the client’s site was created.
  • The ability to allow animations to be played back for viewing or exported as videos was provided.
  • Animations were able to be played back at a selectable time and playback speed, allowing users to undertake root cause analysis during periods of poor or good performance.


  • The client was able to visualise how personnel and equipment would potentially interact on simultaneous or adjacent tasks in close physical vicinity to minimise safety issues and scheduling conflicts.
  • Video footage was provided for review by internal and external team members in advance, saving ramp-up time and allowing teams to better use their skills and experience to help the job run as smoothly and safely as possible.
  • Shut safety was improved due to a better understanding of isolations, exclusion zones, people and equipment interaction.
  • Videos could be sent to suppliers to receive more accurate quotations and allowing for better prepare contract staff preparation before arriving on site.
  • Combined, these outcomes translated into increased safety, saved tool time and reduced manpower and equipment requirements.