Awesome Feedback for Our Instructional Designers



It was just over a year ago that we expanded our team to include Instructional Designers (IDs), meeting a requirement for a large training project. Not only was the project a huge success, but our ID team quickly became invaluable to Sentient, providing learning design advice across a broad range of our projects. We have now grown to a team of 3 amazing IDs: Gemma Clarke, Sarah Kent and Amanda Tuite, with other learning design consultants jumping in here and there to help with the workload along the way.  

The team have applied their skills to all types of training projects including eLearning modules, animated videos, and VR and AR packages. With their collective experience in adult learning principles, our training modules have benefited across the board from the team’s input.  

Our ID team can also help at any stage of a project, whether it’s general learning design advice for ideation, creating learning outcomes and preparing content for storyboarding, storyboarding creation and reviews or quality assurance at the end of a project to ensure the designed content will help the learners meet the required learning outcomes.  

Over the past year, the team has added their skills to nearly 100 different training modules that Sentient has developed. They have also run L&D workshops, created face to face facilitated training materials and delivered train the trainer workshops.  

Having learning designers in-house at Sentient has opened a new way of working for our development process and the ID team have received some incredible feedback along the way:  


In 2021, the analytics working group, led by me, engaged and partnered with Sentient. The partnership focused on moving the dial in advanced analytics capability by producing strategically designed eLearning resources.  


Sentient’s approach to the project was highly commendable starting with a current state assessment and review of existing and ongoing capability programmes. Sentient further recommended practical steps to improve programme designs, guided by key principles (e.g blooms taxonomy) and their extensive experience in adult learning design.  


Sentient’s professionalism was consistent throughout the scoping and building of the actual eLearning resources. The scope of work and cost breakdown were well detailed. Several review stages were incorporated on each build, allowing us (customers and technical experts) to progressively refine the eLearning resources in an efficient manner. The resulting eLearning resources were all built in high quality, as evident by highly commendable feedback and scores from pilot users.  


Overall, Sentient has been a key part of our continuing success to get our people at Rio Tinto closer to the discipline of advanced analytics. Thank you Sentient and a special mention to both Gemma Clarke and Sarah Kent for being awesome partners in our capability projects.*  


Aaron Anthony C. Nieveras
Specialist – GHG Reporting
Energy and Climate Change Centre of Excellence 

 *This feedback is a retrospective / reflection of the engagement with Sentient and solely based on the author’s experiences as a direct customer of Sentient.
The feedback does not represent the collective view of Rio Tinto.