Sentient Kick Start Their Latest Product – MaVi

Sentient is pleased to have launched our latest product in MaVi, our interactive communication tools which have been rolled out across the month of October through a range of events and launches. 

What is MaVi?

MaVi which has been developed in Perth, Western Australia is designed to present an area of the country that may be impacted by future mining activity. The detailed tools allow users to interact with visual data of the land that may be impacted, including important cultural heritage sites. 

MaVi uses data sources such as Native Title boundaries, heritage sites, infrastructure, drone footage, satellite imagery, 3d landscapes, 3d models, virtual reality and augmented reality to give all stakeholders the greatest amount of information and orientation of sites possible. 

Sentient’s MaVi presents as an exciting tool for the Australian community due to its ability to support better-informed decision-making when it comes to mining impact on country. The tool is designed to inspire more transparency and co-design practises between organisations and stakeholders going forward. 

Introducing MaVi to the Community

MaVi was first introduced to the local community at our booth at the WA Mining Conference at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre back in early October, just weeks after the product reached MLP (Minimum lovable product). 

Scott Dumaresq (Queensland Manager) and Leonie Yann (Product Owner) showcased the tool to a wide range of attendees in the WA mining industry, sharing the importance and advantages of the MaVi tool, as well as Sentient’s other software solutions including digital twin InDI and XR Training and Animations. 

Showcased at an Industry Breakfast

The team didn’t just want to showcase the MaVi product to the local industry; they felt it was important to open a dialogue about improving transparency and collaboration during the mine planning process. They did this by inviting a varied group of Perth industry representatives including heritage and environmental teams from different organisations to Sentient’s Perth-based office for a breakfast. The discussions were robust and aimed to showcase how tools using gaming technology can be utilised to protect sites with both environmental and historical importance and create an opportunity for stakeholders and mining companies to work together in the coming future. 

MaVi Crosses Borders

At the start of November product owner Leonie Yann travelled to Sydney with a contingent of the Sentient team to showcase MaVi to the International community at IMARC (International Mining and Resources Conference). Alongside other Sentient solutions, the team aimed to share the benefits the tools can offer to mining approvals processes worldwide.

MaVi Going Forward

The team at Sentient are immensely proud of the product we have developed in MaVi and is looking forward to continuing on the development roadmap in the near future. Sentient also hopes to branch out with MaVi, finding new purposes for the MaVi software in more industries. Keep an eye out for our new online MaVi Demo and automated development – Coming Soon! 

Are you interested in learning more about MaVi? Or are you perhaps interested in any of Sentient’s wide range of services and products, including immersive VR training and Augmented reality (AR) technology? Don’t hesitate to contact the team today to discuss our solutions designed to help you and your business thrive!