Sentient Proud to Offer Award-Winning AR Tools

Sentient Computing are proud to be recognised, in partnership with Western Power, as leaders in the Augmented Reality Training sector with our latest project ‘Keep Sparky Safe’ by receiving the Gold Award for (AR) Industry Specific Training at the LearnX Awards 2022.

The LearnX Awards honour the world’s top business, academic, and public service initiatives that use cutting-edge digital technology. Our team are excited and proud to have been recognised along with our partners for creating innovative and immersive training modules.

Who is Sparky?

“Keep Sparky Safe” has been developed to enable learners, particularly those of primary school age, to identify common electrical equipment and hazards that can be found on public streets, parks, and even in their front yards. Sparky facilitates and encourages these young learners to recognise and inspect, from a safe distance, common visual indicators of electrical hazards and damage that can make this equipment unsafe and at times dangerous.

The uniqueness of ‘Sparky the Dog’ as a training tool is how these young learners are placed in familiar environments using Augmented Reality (AR) in a built for purpose Western Power app.

Students oversee taking Sparky for a walk and are encouraged to keep him safe from the electrical hazards that are revealed to them as they journey through this AR space. They then must decide if the equipment that they encounter on their walk is safe for Sparky to interact with, or if it is unsafe they must keep him away from any foreseeable harm.

To encourage learner engagement, the students are awarded points for making correct choices, and upon the completion of a 3-part quiz are presented with a personalised certificate.

Sparky an Overwhelming Success!

A testament of ‘Sparky’s’ success is the fact that since launching the app in June 2022, it has been downloaded over 1,100 times from the Apple App Store. It is currently being used as a teaching tool across schools throughout Western Australia, and by Western Power to promote and facilitate key electrical safety messages for future generations. A powerful outcome from this project has been the increased engagement and interest in electrical safety by young learners, coupled with the benefits from increased physical activity due to the unique implementation of Augmented Reality.

Leaders in Augmented Reality Training

Keep Sparky Safe is just one of the many AR Training applications and tools that Sentient Computing has recently developed. AR is a great way for learners of all ages to be able to interact with 3D content in real time and in any environment. The technology is flexible in its capabilities to be used on many devices including Android, iOS, HoloLens and an expanding arrow of devices. With uses in many fields such as mining allowing for data visualisation, spatial awareness, training, assessment, equipment familiarisation and so much more!

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