Working at Heights

Working at Heights

About the Project

Sentient was approached by a top tier oil and gas company to collaborate on the development of a Virtual Reality Working at Heights training package that enables learners to make decisions and see the consequences of these decisions in a virtual environment


  • 3D model a generic oil and gas site to provide a realistic virtual environment to conduct a hazard assessment
  • Create randomised complex assessment scenarios to challenge the learner
  • Create realistic consequences relevant to the environment.


  • Based on drawings, photographs/video and satellite imagery a realistic 3D virtual environment of a generic oil and gas site was created.
  • Realistic randomised scenarios were written and created in close collaboration with relevant industry subject matter experts paying particular attention to details such as clothing and equipment. Consequences of correct and incorrect decisions were created using a similar process
  • Over time and with close collaboration with the client the product has been modified to better meet the client’s requirements and vision.


  • Sentient, along with close client collaboration was able to create a powerful virtual reality learning package that’s very close to a real life on the ground as possible.
  • Realistic assessment scenarios (rather than traditional question and answer or multiple choice) means that the learner can almost experience the process before they are out in a real life situation having to follow the same process
  • Randomisation introduces another level of complexity and ensures that no two scenarios are the same so the learner cannot become familiar with the answers
  • Increased safety due to an experiential approach to learning using the virtual reality process
  • Combined these outcomes translated to a clearer understanding of hazard awareness thus increasing safety and efficiency.

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