Revolutionise Your Training with Augmented Reality

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Gone are the days that learning is limited to textbooks and lectures. Whether you are reviewing 3D models, familiarising your team with complex machinery, or learning a new skill, Augmented Reality (AR) provides a hands-on approach that enhances understanding and knowledge retention.

AR provides an immersive training experience that overlays interactive, digital content onto a live, real-world environment using a headset or mobile device creating a more dynamic, engaging and enjoyable learning environment.

Fully Interactive

AR training tools allow for fully interactive just-in-time training, giving learners the ability to work in partnership and collaborate with customised 3D content. As a result, delivering your message to learners is effortless and efficient. Using the latest technology, training is brought to life, helping you to easily demonstrate how to operate equipment and run fully customised training sessions and assessments.

Increase the quality and safety of your training when carrying out a task using the infinite canvas of AR to display step by step instructions, manuals or 3D renderings of cables, bolts or part numbers that are overlaid directly onto the physical asset you are working on.

In comparison to traditional training methods, immersive and interactive AR Training allows learners to experience a direct physical and emotional response to the task at hand. Hands-on experience allows for acute learner awareness, particularly of potential health and safety consequences not only when using on-site equipment but also, the real-life, real-time tasks involved.

Collaborate in AR

AR technology allows teams to collaborate more effectively and efficiently in the same room or remotely. By sharing 3D content in real-time, teams can view and interact with the same assets, at the same time and anywhere in the world.  

Concepts can be reviewed quickly and sequencing can be iterated upon in real-time. Instructors are able to teach entire classes by taking advantage of the ability to train at scale. AR enables team-wide demonstrations with just one session, reducing both the time and cost it takes to train. This cost efficiency can also increase the number of participants able to undertake the training.  

On site, experts can dial in remotely with the ability to view what the operator is seeing. They are then able to guide them through complex tasks without the need to travel to site. Therefore, expensive travel is a thing of the past as teams can be trained effectively from a distance.

Lower Risks

Safe and secure AR training is at your fingertips! External risks are eliminated as training sessions can be conducted in the comfort of an office or training room, without exposing your trainees to any external dangers that may be present on a worksite or during practical exercises. A great example of this is AR’s ability to simulate full size equipment and overlay it on to any site. This then allows teams to replicate logistical operations next to real world structures in a risk-free environment.

Our award-winning Sparky project is a great example of our commitment to safe and effective AR training. Developed in collaboration with Western Power, ‘Keep Sparky Safe’ provides a safe and interactive learning environment for teachers to educate students on identifying common electrical equipment and recognising the dangers associated with them.


Why not embrace the future of learning and give AR a try? Upgrade your training today with our AT Training Tools.

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