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Scitech Discovery center was in the process of designing and manufacturing exhibits for the “Bionic Me” exhibition. The exhibition showcased how technology can enhance your body and increase your potential with evolving technologies. The exoskeleton exhibit was intended to demonstrate the benefits a powered exoskeleton might bring to human endeavor in a safe and fun way. The proposed display did not yet have the suitable software, so Sentient was approached to develop the visual content that would simulate an onscreen avatar inside the exoskeleton.


Create a 3D environment that will suitably match the game play and scenario for the exhibit.
The interactive game play was confined to 2 minutes in duration per person and in a style that was easily intpretable for an international and family friendly audience.
The software used could integrate with the control system and hardware provided by the Scitech team.


A 3D virtual environment was developed using our art team and data from various sources.
We worked very collaboratively with the Scitech team to ensure that the game play, interactivity and logic was programmed to match the diesired scenario.


Working very collaboratively with Scitech engineering and design team, we were able to create a fun and immersive simulation .
The visuals matched the experience as a user would climb ibnto the exoskeleton and control an onscreen avatar to investigate what you could do with enhanced strength.

“I can say in earnest, this was a brilliant project and we have nothing but absolute praise on that collaboration.

The simulation continues to run solidly and is actually in Hartford, Connecticut as part of its US tour “

David Fobrogo

Interactive Media Designer

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