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    “Discovering the Virtual Reality (VR) technology was a revelation and the path to take in our commissioning industry. More generally Sentient approach and experience is a real advantage which is now encouraging me to represent their expertise on the French and European market where I can see the interest for VR growing from the industry.”

    Jonathan Mathevon, Managing Partner


    Sentient recently completed a VR training Proof of Concept for Entelekia; a Field End User Developer for commissioning solutions in the Oil and Gas industry. The aim of the project was to illustrate how Operational Test (OTP) Procedures for Instrumental Air Compressors and Distribution could be learnt by using a Virtual Reality simulation of the real life procedure.


    The Proof of Concept utilised a training sequence for a ‘Load and Unload’ test within which the user is able to click through a total of 15 steps and see accurate representations of the location of each item relevant to a particular step. The user is also able to view where procedures are to be performed by viewing another person in the scene performing the task. Additionally, the user can move around the environment and view associated documentation in some of the steps


    The Proof of Concept was initially developed for Entelekia in Perth and was subsequently also rolled out in France via an Oculus Go. Entelekia Managing Partner, Jonathan Mathevon, says that some French companies are already taking an interest and Sentient is excited to continue working with Jonathan as he explores the French market further.

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