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    • Explain the underground rules and regulations for truck operators and nippers in a visually engaging and comfortable method inside a Virtual Reality (VR) headset.
    • Test the user’s awareness of potential hazards that may occur underground.
    • Allow new trainees to enter a similar to real-life immersive underground environment for a chance to experience it prior to their first day on site.


    Sentient created a VR module for both the Truck Operator and Nipper roles. The use of VR allows the user to experience “being” underground in a safe environment, prior to arriving on site. The user is taken on a short, guided ride through the mine portal and tunnels whilst being instructed on the rules and safety procedures. They are then placed in an environment where they are able to explore “on foot” and are challenged to identify various underground hazards.


    Collaboration between Barminco and Sentient lead to creating a comprehensive and engaging VR training module that shows users the regulations and risks of working underground. The module will be delivered in both Australia and Botswana, allowing an immersive visual tool to create a valuable learning experience across different cultures and languages.


    The Barminco Operator and Nipper VR Training package not only allowed for an interactive and immersive training environment, but it also allowed Barminco to provide their learners with a near to real-life experience of working underground so they can experience the darkness and size of the tunnels before arriving on site. This allows people to enter the Barminco workforce as informed and comfortable with their future work environment as possible. The modules give different roles across different countries a visually engaging display of the common hazards to be aware of and also acts as a refresher for some of the more infrequent hazards that may occur.

    The modules were delivered successfully and Sentient looks forward to seeing the results of them in action, and working with Barminco on the next project together.

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